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Lake Haiyaha

The trail to this natural wonder requires some strength of mind and body. Beginning at the popular Bear Lake trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park a person can hike to Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and finally find the uphill climb to Lake Haiyaha. You can boast about the completion of a 4.2 mile hike, out and back. The name comes from the Arapaho Indian language meaning rocks. Be prepared to climb over some huge boulders to gain a view of this hidden lake.
Arapaho Indians lived in southeastern Wyoming and eastern Colorado during the 1800’s when white men began to settle the western territories. They were known for their beadwork, bravery and buffalo hunting. Today the Arapaho live in Oklahoma and on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.
Think about Enos Mills and F.O. Stanley, who were determined to protect this area by establishing Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915. Why did they choose an Indian word for one of the 150 lakes in the park? Can you name other places which use the word Arapaho?