Stories from ancient times were preserved in stone. Depending on when and where the authors lived, they might be carved using different alphabets or pictures. This runic alphabet was used in Sweden in the 11th Century. During this portion of the Middle Ages, Vikings were traveling to many other countries searching for precious minerals and conquering other people.
Here is one story which has been reproduced. “They fared like men far after gold and in the east gave the eagle food They die soutward in Serkland” The explanation is they killed enemies while traveling far. Serkland was “the Saracens land”.
Many rune stones such as this were found in Sweden. This one is on the lawn of Gripsholm Castle, one of eleven royal palaces in Sweden.

To study the entire futhark alphabet and the modern translation go to:


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  1. I love your musings Teri. These are very precious transmissions of wisdom you are sharing. Do you watch the Ancient Aliens programs? They have shared so much about how other cultures all over the planet have similar etchings suggesting we were seeded from another planet possibly. It is not the first time I have heard this. These old engravings are fascinating to contemplate. Thank you so much for sharing your passion.

  2. Damn, it’s closed when we are there. At least I got to clear this out of my inbox!!

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