Harriet Tubman: Heroine of the Underground Railroad



She was born in 1822 on a slave plantation in Bucktown, Maryland. After suffering a cracked skull as a punishment, she knew she must seek liberty or death. In 1849, she walked at night through Delaware, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,and New York, reaching safety at last in St. Catherine, Canada.

All of the secret places which hid escaped slaves were linked by the Underground Railroad. Unfortunately, no trains helped the runaways and their hiding places were anywhere, above or below ground.

Now, Harriet Ross Tubman’s home, in Auburn, New York, is a National Historic Park. To learn more about it go to: www.harriethouse.org

It was not enough for her to start a new life in Canada. She made thirteen more trips to Maryland to lead slaves to freedom. She was helped by a famous man, William H. Seward, of Auburn, NY. He became Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State. Not only did his family and staff hide runaways, but he also sold Harriet Tubman her first home which included 7 acres of land. The brick home in the picture, was built after the original wooden house burned down. Harriet always welcomed those who needed a place to live, sometimes keeping 20 or more people in the four-bedroom space.

Her message to all of us both simple and profound, “Children, if you are tired, Keep Going; if you are scared, Keep Going; if you are hungry, Keep Going; if you want to taste freedom, Keep Going.”

What challenges have you faced, that Harriet Tubman’s motto can help to solve?20160831_120218?




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  1. All the research I’ve done after reading the book “The Underground Railroad” has indicated there were no trains—thanks for your confirmation! What an interesting story about Harriet!
    Thanks, Terri

  2. I wonder how a person can gather the grit to put others needs before oneself even in the face of grave danger. She is truly a national heroine.

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