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John Wesley Powell


I am revising a nonfiction picture book for children ages 5 – 8 about the famous explorer, John Wesley Powell. My story must stand out from the plentiful literature about his extraordinary courage, sense of adventure, leadership, and thirst for knowledge.

The title I was using is, John Wesley Powell, a Can-do Man. Please help me by voting for alternate titles, which might grab the attention of early readers, their teachers, and parents. How about Wes Goes All the Way: The first person to explore and map the Grand Canyon, OR A Life of Daring and Success: John Wesley Powell, OR A Thirst for Adventure: The Man Who Opened the West, OR Never Give Up on Your Plans: A Lesson from John Wesley Powell?

The more I read about the history of America, the more I seek to understand how people like John Wesley Powell overcame criticism, hardship, a handicap, sacrifice, and doubt. He was the kind of leader youngsters will come to appreciate as they face their own challenges. I also hope to answer my own questions about how he grew to be so determined despite a lack of respect from family and government.

Stay tuned for news of Grand Canyon experiences, which will enhance my descriptions and translate into a lively book.