Lone Tree – One-Room Schools Live On

20150520_162139_001 20150520_150822 20150520_150754 Lone Tree School, built in 1883, is an authentic example of a one-room schoolhouse. For thirty seven years it was where students of all ages learned reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. They also learned patience and perseverance while one teacher delivered brief lessons to children in each grade and followed up with oral assessments.
In these photos you can observe an old-fashioned ice cream social at the reconstructed Lone Tree School in North Lake Park, 29th St. and Taft Ave., Loveland, Colorado. The Loveland Historical Society provides refreshments, tours, and activities free of charge. You can also sign students up for the ultimate living history experience during one of three summer sessions. Go to: https://d1li5256ypm7oi.cloudfront.net/lovelandmuseumgallery/2015/04/2015-Lone-Tree-Registration.pdf
Lake Loveland and horseshoe pits are currently in the school’s yard. There are also playground and picnic areas across the street. During the Fourth of July Celebration and Loveland Art Festival there will be a children’s railroad offering rides.
Take time to imagine life in Loveland 100 years ago. Automobiles and railroads were still a novelty to pioneers. People in Northern Colorado grew much of their own food and worked tirelessly to care for their animals and land.
What would you like to know about life in Loveland during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s?

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  1. Thanks, Terri! We participated in one of the activities last year w/ grandchild. It is a fine, historical replica.

  2. I had no idea this school was here. Sounds fascinating. My sister taught at an isolated (in Louisiana) one room school situation for several years. She said it was a real challenge!

  3. Terri, My dad taught in a one room school house in the Catskills before the war. His diaries are a wonderful record of what life in the mountains and the challenges were like in that setting.

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