Although the canyons of the Uncompahgre Plateau began with an uplift four million years ago, they continue to be shaped by wind and water today. Every time you walk the unique trails of the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area in Fruita, Colorado you will discover new fanciful structures, rock windows and caves, ancient rock art from the Fremont culture and secluded slots. There’s no mystery as to why the Ute Indians chose to camp, hunt, and gather food among the protective arms of the Colorado River canyons.

          In the novel, Sun on Snow, a pioneer girl and Northern Ute boy play house in a cave inhabited only by small animals. They come to appreciate the differences in their writing and communicating techniques as well as the joy of pretending they are carefree and self-sufficient.

          I’m sure your steps will also feel lighter and your heart sturdier as you experience a hike back in time.


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  1. Being a recent newcomer to Colorado,I enjoy these bits of history even though they are aimed at “young people”. I’m always open to learning more about my surroundings, near and far!

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